Business terms and Conditions


  • The basic rate for Translation is based on number of pages (one page equals 1800 characters or 240 words or 30 lines). This basic rate is increased according to the difficulty and format of the source-text, and depending on when is to be done. Every translation which must be ready within following 24 hours or one which requires translating over 2000 words per day is considered an urgent translation.
  • Delivery period: One page of text corresponds usually to one hour of translating. But it is the difficulty and length which determine the price and the delivery-term of the translation.
  • Differentials (or extra-charges): Depend on difficulty, delivery period and the format of the text before translation.
  • You might find important information about buying a translation in the following link:

About Translation

  1. If you are ordering a voluminous translation, decide with your team and the translator which information is relevant.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  3. If you have more than one version of the text, make sure you give the translator the final one. Any further changes will be charged.
  4. Inform the Translator about the purpose of the translation. You might find important information about buying a translation in the following links:


  • Combination: Portuguese, spanish, english, czech
  • The calculation of the rates for interpreting is delivered upon request.
  • Kind of intepreting: Consecutive, simultaneous, chuchotage
  • Lenght: Full day work session (eight hours) Half a day work session (four hours) or upon request.
  • The minimum charged is Half a day session.
  • The minimum charged in case of a job out of the residence of the interpreter is a Full day work session.
  • The interpreter has right to regular breaks for refreshment, rest and meals.
  • Terminology: Provide as much information as you can to the interpreter. Don’t worry about loosing confidential information or know-how; the interpreter exercises the greatest discretion. All materials will be used for the preparation of the glossary for the interpretation.
  • Place of interpreting: The interpreter usually travels and arranges her accomodation on her account. However, the travel expenses will be included in the price of the interpretation. For further information contact the Interpreter.
  • Briefing day: The intepreter will aks you for a briefing day- an informal on-site meeting prior the intepreting. This meeting is important to optimize a fluent interpretation. The intepreter will use it to get in touch with the terminology.
  • Hire two interpreters for conference interpreting.
  • Be aware of the Copyright law in case you plan to record the interpretation. You should get an agreement from the interpreter and sign a special contract.
  • Intepreting is physically and mentaly demanding job

Interpreting Information

For further information about interpretation check the following link: